Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sad Day

I've had two Greys these past 8 years. DeNiro, my first, was my best friend. I rescued him and he saved me. He passed away last June from complications with a mass in his chest. Losing him was terrible. I still tear up when I think about him, but I visit him in the backyard and we have our talks. Posie, the little dog with big attitude, brightened up my life and DeNiro's. I never saw two Greys get along as well as these two did. They knew they were meant to be together and they knew we were supposed to be a family. Posie passed away this morning. She was getting close to 15 years and that's amazing for a Greyhound. She hasn't been the same since DeNiro passed. She's been depressed and not herself these 8 months. She had developed arthritis in her rear legs and walking around was getting difficult for her. She had some problems last night and this morning and she and I decided it was time. She'll find a nice sunny spot next to DeNiro. I know she's running with DeNiro and all of their Grey buddies. And I know she's barking at me, wanting my full attention. I can almost hear her now.


DeNIro/Posie, I love you both and I miss you so much.