Tuesday, November 20, 2007

6 Month Anniversary and lunch with the Bissette's

6 months have flown by since Kathy and I were married, so we decided we both needed time away from work and life so packed up and headed back up to Vermont. We enjoyed Quechee so much we decided to head back there and stayed a beautiful B&B called the AppleButter Inn in Woodstock, VT http://www.applebutterinn.com/index.html.
We had decided to re-visit Woodstock and the area and to also stop back in at the Quechee Antique Center on Route 4. If you like to roam through large flea markets, then this is the place for you. It's absolutely wonderful. Our friends Steve and Marge Bissette have a small booth there filled with Steve's eclectic collection of movies, books, comics and student published graphic novels. Marge has some personal items including a beautiful Celtic design pillow. The is the place to go to find the unusual and amazing. It was great to have a quick bite with Steve and Marge and to share our just married stories with there own experiences. For Steve's outlook on life, check out his blog, you'll be glad you did; http://srbissette.blogspot.com/
So our few days came to a close and ended with a couple of inches of snow, mostly to Kathy's chagrin. Here are some pictures of our trip, the AppleButter Inn during the snow, and me with my new Steve Bissette original Coffee Zombie mug that Kathy promised was for my Christmas present.