Thursday, May 28, 2009

ROBOT GOD pencils!

I finally finished this piece. It wasn't that it was hard, the piece was in my head and travelled down my arm and then to my hand and sprouted on the page, it was just that I put a lot if line detailing into it and it took longer that expected. I also had to dig up some reference on the rifle and arm of Will Hart.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Trek...I think

Major Spoilers, avert your eyes now!
So my wife and I saw the new Star Trekmovielast night. We're both die-hard fans of the Classic, and she is a die-hard fan of NextGen. We liked the new movie, but we didn't love it. They messed with the time lines too much and I know that by killing Kirk's father they change entire time-lines, but too much was changed.
Kirk's brother Sam; gone. Will never exist.
Spock's mom; gone. Killed while transporting?
Spock and Uhura snogging all over the transporter pad; stupid and meaningless.
Captain Pike placed in a wheelchair; what happened to the Menagerie?
Spock serving with Pike prior to meeting Kirk; wiped from History.
Leonard (The Corpse) Nimoy; please leave him out. WTF?
By introducing more stupid Time Travel storylines (seems to be the only way to write a Star Trek movie lately), Abrams and company open up the door that lets them play in the Star Trek sandbox but not stay within the rules/guidelines. Give me all of the cool flashy stuff, but throw away all the meaningless history and backstory that makes Classic Trek that much more Classic. That seems to be their new haiku.
As for the good stuff? I did like the flash of the movie. The new Warp effect was simple but it worked for me. Casting all around was good. Zach Quinto was made to be Spock and Karl Urban (usually a huge action star) brought us the grumpy McCoy that we've grown to love. Simon Pegg's Scotty was fun but underused. Sulu, Chekov and Uhura were all fine, just not amazing. I was confused by all of the new alien races that were put in front of us as eye candy and I had a hard time understanding why an Orion Slave Girl is now a member of the Star Fleet Academy.

Beam me out of here. Scotty

Monday, May 18, 2009

Robot God!

Robot God is part of the Silent Scream story and it all ties into the power struggle between The Trust and The Kabale. Dennis' take on Robot God is this:Robot God, the movie and the world domination concept, has souls implanted into the robots which gives them choice, except for them being turned into somnambulists by Dr. Caligari.
Here is my pencil rough and then rough blue-pencil drawing. I'll firm up The Trust faces and then start detailing with my HB pencil.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Silent Scream!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dogboy and Fatman go to the movies

It was a warm, overcast Friday evening and our hereoes; Fatman and Dogboy jump into the JunkMobile heck, me and MIke Dobbs went to see Wolverine last night. It was good. We both thought there were some problems, but we also agreed that the characters were good, the effects were good, just...something was missing. (Spoiler Alert): I had a few problems in continuity. Sorry but Scott Summers shouldn't have been in this movie. Professor X should have also not been in this movie. I know there is a desired tie to the first three X-Men movies but I still had a problem with these characters being jammed into the movie. Jackman was very good, Schreiber was nasty, and Danny Huston was a good bad guy (duh). We also saw one of the supposed 5 endings. I look forward in seeing all 5 when the DVD comes out. Mike and I also stayed past the credits to see if there was a special ending. There was. It sucked monkey junk. What a waste of time that did not help the movie at all.

Nuff said.