Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Thing

So not the easiest character to draw. You have to pay attention to the shape of his body and also shape the rock plates to help with some kind of modeling. This is a piece from James Smith's proposal Soldiers. It teams Ben Grimm with Ulik, a rock troll created by Jack Kirby. The short is full of grand imagery, intense emotion and wonderful character development. Stay tuned, maybe we'll sell this sucker to Marvel and we can finally see it in print.

Clobberin' Time!

Wall•E Did Not Disappoint

Well I was very happy with what the magicians at PIXAR turned out this weekend. Wall•E was a fun time, giving us laughs, heart felt imagery and a message...that if we keep screwing up our planet, we're not going to be able to live here anymore. The detailing and texture of this movie is as realistic as can be imagined. I can't say enough about this film...GO SEE IT!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Wall•E Time

I get excited about a few special movies every year, and the big one for me so far is Wall•E. I think Pixar has a smash hit on their hands and I think this movie is going to redeem Pixar in the eyes of the critics and fans that thought Ratatouille was a misfire.
Watch for the lil 'Bot to be Huge!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from Vacation and a Fenway trip

So we spent a wonderful week back up in Vermont. We visited more time up in Northern VT exploring Montpelier and Burlington. Are hearts, however, are wrapped around the Cooper Hill Inn in East Dover. Our first day there gave us the experience of snow squalls at a high altitude and it was amazing. We also brought along some Durian, which our hostess is quite fond of. We did not expect the Durian party that occurred and I was eating that stinky, slimy, pudding like fruit pulp right along with everyone.

We visited the Quechee Antiques Mall and I raided Steve Bissette's booth for some DVD's and books. We also hit quite a few used book stores, my scoring on Vermont native Joe Citro's book collection.
Once back we didn't want to return to the real world, however we had a nice surprise with a pair of Fenway tickets from my wife's brother. Awesome seats, a high temperature of 101 degress, but it was worth a little extra sweat to be sitting where we were.