Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Terror in Ink

Stage #2, inked artwork ready for digital color. I've always been a tight penciller whether it be a piece I'm going to ink or someone else is going to lay ink down onto. No matter how faithful an inker is, sometimes minor things change, or in the case of either rough pencils and a dominating inking style, a completely new piece of art is born. In this Flock #3 cover, I made minor changes in the background. I decided to not fill in solid blacks to the bushes and parts of the building. Instead I used a loose hatching to help keep the background a minor element and let the Terror Birds stand out. Once I lay in the digital color, I will soften the background color and then change the background line art from black to a darker sepia so the Terror Birds will really pop. it will be an experiment that I hope works. My fear is that the cover will be too busy, and the main characters, Scarlet Rogue and Walks Backward, will get lost.

Stay Tuned

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Stayin' tuned!