Monday, August 04, 2008

The Ectoplasmic Man goes to China

We've all read the history of Johann Kraus and how he became the Ectoplasmic Man, but what now? Well in my rambling brain I thought 'what if he went back to Chengdou?' So I've done my rendition of the cover of that adventure. I hope you like the pencils. The inks won't be far behind. Next up is a new piece for Bob Smith's Soldiers proposal. You might have seen earlier posts concerning this proposal. This time I'm going to go back and focus on the Ben Grimm/Ulik story line and see where it takes me.



bobbykro said...

looking forward to seeing this finished!

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Bobby. I'm going to ink the demon in solid black lines, and then reverse them out black to white so the Johann character pops out a little better. Easier than inking all of that black and then making sure all of my white lines are even.

HemlockMan said...

I can tell that one's going to be really nice inked and in color.