Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dog Friends

After I had locked in my two core Greyhounds, DeNiro and Posie, I fostered for quite a few years. Don't ask me how many dogs, but there were a lot. Buddy came to me as a 8 1/2 yr old retiree who had been kept at his breeders Tewksbury kennel after he was retired. The State made him surrender a few Greys so we took in Buddy and he came my way. He was scruffy, needed a few extra pounds put on him and also needed to learn manners. After a couple weeks the boy was shining and he was adopted by Gary and Rachel from CT. Rachel just wrote me that the Budd'ster had celebrated his 16th birthday in December. 16 is awesome for a Grey. He's having some mobility issues and he lost an eye a few years back, but the Budd'ster is still hanging on.

Barb and Mark Draa where the first few people who welcomed me to Greyhound Options and they were the proud parents of Pandora. She was a sleek shiny little grey female with amazing eyes. She was a member of the Girl Pack. 4 female greys that roamed the play area together and ruled with an iron paw and even scared a few people too. They didn't let the boys get in their face. I found out today that Pandora had passed. She was the last of the girls; Ivy, my Posie, Jennie and Pandora. Give your furry ones a rub behind the ear today for all of our survivors and those we've lost.


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HemlockMan said...

Sorry to hear that.

I like greyhounds. In earlier years I used to encounter them quite a lot. I worked several routes where people were involved in adopting them. One thing that I noticed was that all of them were very sweet dogs. Very friendly with mild dispositions. Not at all what I'd have expected from an animal bred for bursts of speed and power.