Friday, February 06, 2009

NYC Comicon and the Secret Project

This weekend is the big NY Comicon and for some crazy reason I'm going. I was contacted by my old inker friend Bill Anderson and he asked me if I wanted to read over some concepts that he's putting together with writer Dennis Webster. I know Bill is a stand-up guy so I said yes. Out of the dozen or so concepts I showed interest in 4-5. The I sent that off and then I added a last minute afterthought. Well it was that afterthought that Dennis and Bill thought I would be perfect for. I'm meeting Bill and we're going to talk to some publishers and go over the meeting that he and Dennis took on Friday. Maybe I'll see something in print this year!!!
Oh and my neighbor Mike Dobbs is going with me to check out the show, buy his wife something luscious and take in the massive nerdness of Comicon.



HemlockMan said...

I was floored when I saw the guest list for that show. All I could think was: "Who's NOT going to this show?" Besides myself, I mean.

dogboy443 said...

Bissette, Vietch, Truman, Totleben...but I did snag a nifty sketchbook and sketch from Tom Mandrake.