Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Would You Buy A Comic Book From These Guys?

In anticipation of some publisher absolutely loving our proposal, I drew up portraits of the creatives on Silent Scream;
Dennis Webster; plot and script • Bill Anderson; plot and inks • Mark Masztal; plot and pencils.
I've been told that I look sinister.

Update: Bill has tweaked his portrait digitally so I thought I would post it here in place of my illustration. I'll tweak my art and re-post at a later date. Bill sent this over and it's perfect...Bill:

One little picky thing re: the portrait - the line coming up from the collar and the removal of the jawline indication at the bottom of the earlobe (I've got one, honest) make it look a bit like I've got a goiter. I did a quick touch-up to the jpeg that I think is a little more representative of my face (tho' I wish I had the square jaw of your pencilled version of me), see what you think...



HemlockMan said...

I would buy that comic.

dogboy443 said...

I will give you that comic, but you can buy one too.

Tara Reed said...

I'd totally buy it! Especially if I could get an autographed copy... hint! hint!

Tara Reed