Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silent Scream #1, page 22 finished

It's been a very long time for this project to wrap up. Dennis Webster has written the script, co-plotted by Bill Anderson, I pencilled the 5 page story along with a slew of pin-ups and covers, Bill has inked his heart out and then a colorist we handed the pages to started coloring the pages, but then they kind of spun off the radar. Bill grabbed some pages, I grabbed this one and now they're colored and ready to go to a publisher for a possible deal. Check out this page and the rest of Silent Scream online.



HemlockMan said...

Damn. Any publisher would be stupid to pass on this project!

dogboy443 said...

It will be who we know and what kind of deal they are offering. It will also rely on who's got the financial stability to take on another project, especially a specialized one like ours.