Monday, May 27, 2013

DOGS-O-WAR are on the Loose!

Hot off the presses, DOGS-O-WAR: The Collected Book Three is ready for you to devour with gusto...and a side dish of raw meat! 96 pages of B&W interiors with a new color cover by series artist and co-creator Mark Masztal! This book collects Dogs-O-War originally published by Crusade Entertainment in 1996-1997 and it appears here how the creators originally wanted it, with fixed production errors and the finest quality standards. The series revisits the world of Shar-Pei and the Godhead and introduces new characters like the female doberman warrior Gypsy, the narcoleptic and minigun wielding koala, Clyde and the bio-machine terror of Dr. Dusk. It also re-introduces us to old characters like the former I.C.E. soldier Flint McHenry and transforming robot Big Man. Aided by inker extraordinaires, Nathan (Deadpool & Batman) Massengill, Ethan(Cyber-Frog & Green Lantern) Van Sciver, Eric (The Goon) Powell and Chuck Angell, Mark has gone all-out-crazy designing some of the most interesting characters in comics and proving that any animal can be anthropomorphic! Special for this collection are issue by issue insights by Mark about the making of the original series and never before seen pin-ups and character designs for proposed follow-up series! Contact Mark at and reserve your copy at the low cover price of $9.99 + $3 shipping and be prepared to be entertained!

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