Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Spring!

That means Baseball season is back and my wife and I can go back to our regular schedule of watching the Red Sox play. We have a real nice boss here and he gave us his blessing when the Red Sox World Series Trophies came to our local library and we could go see them and have our pictures taken. The event was in the brand new Chicopee Public Library and it's truly a beautiful building and all of the attendees were well behaved and the Red Sox reps were great along with Chicopee's Finest!


HemlockMan said...

Go Red Sox!!

dogboy443 said...

Can we possibly Three-peat?

HemlockMan said...

Didn't they skip a year?

Is a Three-peat three in a row?

Would be great for the formerly long-suffering Sox fans to get inundated with winning.

My dad, who loved baseball, always said that the greatest World Series he'd ever watched or listened to (and he observed them all in one form or another from about 1918 until 1976) was the 1975 Boston vs. Cincinnati match-up. I still think it's the greatest series I've ever watched for sheer excitement.

Keeper of the hounds said...

I believe your precious red sox LOST to the Yankees this afternoon!!! Yes, children the dream is dead!! HA, HA ,HA!!!!