Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Wall•E Time

I get excited about a few special movies every year, and the big one for me so far is Wall•E. I think Pixar has a smash hit on their hands and I think this movie is going to redeem Pixar in the eyes of the critics and fans that thought Ratatouille was a misfire.
Watch for the lil 'Bot to be Huge!



HemlockMan said...

I thought that Ratatouille was a big box office success for those guys?! No true?

I didn't see it, but of course I don't go to a ton of movies anymore.

dogboy443 said...

Ratatouille was a wonderful film. Brad Bird (Iron Giant, Incredibles) directed it, bit it didn't have the catch like some of the other PIXAR films. Hard to market fine cuisine and an animated rat.

dogboy443 said...

BTW, we'll save you a seat.