Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from Vacation and a Fenway trip

So we spent a wonderful week back up in Vermont. We visited more time up in Northern VT exploring Montpelier and Burlington. Are hearts, however, are wrapped around the Cooper Hill Inn in East Dover. Our first day there gave us the experience of snow squalls at a high altitude and it was amazing. We also brought along some Durian, which our hostess is quite fond of. We did not expect the Durian party that occurred and I was eating that stinky, slimy, pudding like fruit pulp right along with everyone.

We visited the Quechee Antiques Mall and I raided Steve Bissette's booth for some DVD's and books. We also hit quite a few used book stores, my scoring on Vermont native Joe Citro's book collection.
Once back we didn't want to return to the real world, however we had a nice surprise with a pair of Fenway tickets from my wife's brother. Awesome seats, a high temperature of 101 degress, but it was worth a little extra sweat to be sitting where we were.



Mike Dobbs said...

You like durian? How did you discover it? My excuse is my Vietnamese daughter. That stuff stinks like dead flesh!

dogboy443 said...

And it tastes like it too. I caught wind of it (ugh) watching Anthony Bourdain and then found out the owner of the Cooper Hill Inn is Philipino and loves it. She drives down to Hadley just to buy it.

I had it once...I survived.

Mark Martin said...

Never heard of it. I think I'll steer clear if the Vietnamese like it! No offense to them, I just hate their food! I got nothing against India or Thailand either, but keep the food away from me!

That thing looks like it would make a nice weapon though.

HemlockMan said...

I have never been to a Red Sox game. Ever.

I have heard that durian fruit sucks monkey ass. They sell it here in town, but I think I'll steer clear of it.

Wasn't there a rock group once called Durian Durian?