Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jack Kirby's The Demon, Etrigan

Growing up in the mid-sixties exposed me to the revival of comics led by Stan Lee and Jack (The King) Kirby. Now I wasn't an FF or Spidey fan. No, I was more of a monster/sci-fi fan and the one comic that I latched onto was in the early 70's was Jack Kirby's solo effort, The Demon published by DC Comics starting in 1972. Jack's story and pencils and Mike Royers inks drew me to this book. The over-the-top drawing style and big and bold story made this one of my favorites! Here's my take on Etrigan and Jason Blood. Pencilled, inked and digitally colored.

Yarva Daemonicus Etrigan


HemlockMan said...

I always liked THE DEMON. One of Kirby's more "adult" creations. It was a pretty sharp title with relatively deep themes.

Have you ever read Alan Moore's interview wherein he talks about how he walked around pretending to be The Demon when he was getting ready to use him in SWAMP THING? Really good stuff!

HemlockMan said...

Oh. And, as always, a great illustration!

dogboy443 said...

I'm sure it must have ben hilarious to watch Alan walking around trying to get the ryhmes right and still have some kind of decent dialogue. The collected Demon comes out this Fall in hardcover. I can't wait.

HemlockMan said...

The rhyming verse of Moore's interpretation of the Demon were surprisingly good!