Monday, September 22, 2008

Basic Things Color

Here's basic color laid in on the Things piece. I sampled some photo reference of Louisiana swamps and I made the effort of making sure that all three Things each have a different color palette.



curmudgeon said...

Looking good!
Color works and helps differentiate the swamp creatures.

curmudgeon said...

And you know the curmudgeon is not always complimentary…

HemlockMan said...

Ah, very nice! I'm not sure how much it looks like the colors one sees in a real swamp, though.

The best swamp in the world to visit is the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. Actually, most of it is in Georgia, but part of it creeps across the Florida border.

If you ever want to treat yourself to a real middle-of-nowhere experience, then go to the Stephen C. Foster State Park. It's pretty much in the center of the swamp. Not only that, but you have to drive for many, many, many miles through some of the least populated rural countryside in Georgia to even get to the edge of the swamp which itself is a bonafide protected wilderness area of massive proportions.

Anyone who likes to draw this stuff should go to that park and stay there for a few days. They rent air-conditioned cabins, so you don't have to rough it. Something like $75 a night for a two-bedroom cabin. The nights are so freaking dark that you can see every star Jove ever made. You can rent an aluminum johnboat and motor for a really cheap price and go exploring the swamp. They have marked waterway trails so that you don't get totally and utterly lost. If you did get lost in that swamp, you would be completely fucked. Totally fucked. They would never find your remains.

The place is packed with wildlife. More wildlife than you will ever see anywhere on the east coast of North America, and maybe even more wildlife than you will see anywhere on the entire North American continent. You will see alligators everywhere you look. You will see big fucking black bears if you hang out there for more than a day or two. There are bobcats and cougars in the swamp, but you probably will never see one of either of those. You will get carried away by raccoons if you don't put your foot down. You will see otters. There are so many kinds of snakes and birds that you couldn't possibly do a species count of what you will encounter in a typical hour on the water.

I always tell folk who like to draw strange critters and dinosaurs that they need to go and spend a few days at the Stephen C. Foster State Park. The place totally kicks ass. I've been after Budd (CAVEWOMAN) Root to go there for years.

In fact, I think I've talked myself into going back there next year.


Jeff said...

Hey Mark - ?
Have you stopped posting on this Blog? Will we see any new posts? Are you doing any more artwork?