Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm Ashamed

I'm ashamed in some of my local towns who, due to possible backlash from some conservative residents in their town refused to show the students in their schools President Obama's speech and Q&A with the kids of Wakefield. When was the last time a PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES had a speech banned? is it his politics? Is it his race? His skin color? We're a bunch of sad human beings. The following is a letter I sent to the City of Longmeadow, MA and to G. Michale Dobbs, Editor-in-Chief at The Reminder Publications.

City of Longmeadow,

I just finished reading President Obama's speech on MIke Dobbs' blog. You know the editor in chief of the Reminder publications? He gave us the truth on what President Obama had to say to the kids in Wakefield and then we were treated to the Q&A that occurred between high school kids and the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I am so ashamed of a local town in my fair State that, due to possible backlash from some conservative parents and politicians (re: Republicans), actually banned a speech specifically addressed from the President of the United States directly to those kids. What were you afraid of? What kind of damage could this speech have done? Answer: none. Did you read the transcripts? Have you? I bet you're feeling very embarrassed now don't you? I didn't read anything political in anything that was said by either the President or the kids? Did the students ask political tainted questions? Yes they did but most of it was about Universal Health Care. The rest of it dealt with President Obama and how he was adjusting to the White House and how bad of a basketball player he is. Is that what you were worried about? Is that the kind of Town management that Longmeadow has that buckles under pressure about a speech that hasn't been heard yet? I'm ashamed for you and the rest of the City of Longmeadow. Take a good look in the mirror tomorrow morning and ask yourself, am I weak? Was it worth having my personal opinion directed by others? Do I have heart and love for my country NO matter who runs it? I'd love to hear your answers.

Yours Truly,
Mark Masztal

Excuse me now while I retch.


Tom said...

Well said. I could not have improved upon it. It is sad that these unintelligent parents allowed people like Rush Limbaugh and what's-his-face, Glen Beck, to influence them. It's sad. It really is. These parents should be ashamed. When I saw them on t.v. this morning proudly stating how they don't want their kids to watch the president's speech I just shook my head. It's sad people still can't see jingoistic, yellow journalism for what it really is.

curmudgeon said...

Right on!
(as we used to say back in the days of my youth, when dinosaurs roamed)

The mind boggles at the fearful mendacity of some of our so-called leaders.

HemlockMan said...

The thing about right wingers is that they have the biggest mouths and, in addition, are trumpeted by the corporate media on whose strings they dance.