Friday, September 04, 2009

You need a dust jacket

I had a little spare time this morning so I put together a quick dust jacket concept. All we need now is a publisher to bite!

UPDATE: And here's the rot green version of the dust jacket.



HemlockMan said...

With a dust jacket like that, how can anyone resist??!!

el gato said...

Hey Mark, it was a pleasure making your acquaintance last night at the VERMONT MONSTER GUIDE book release!

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Bob. I hope it does. We both know how fickle publishers can be. Cat, fantastic meeting you too! Hope I didn't put you on the spot about Mac vs PC. You have a strong opinion and Steve likes to blab so it gave him a break and you a minute too shine. I'm heading over to magic inkwell now and checking out your stuff.