Saturday, December 05, 2009

Finally, more zombies

So November pretty much sucked. I got the swine flu right after Halloween so I was down for 12 days. 12 days of the worst headache, fever, cough and body aches I've ever felt. I usually don't get sick. Pretty healthy guy who tries to eat well and tries to get enough sleep. Well then it was back to work while feeling like crap and the Thanksgiving crept up on me. A few freelance gigs came through and I struggled through those. Now it;s December and I'm catching up on the friends who I met at Rock-n-Shock who wanted to be Zombiefied. Here are some of my new friends.

UPDATE: Here's the last one of the single zombies. Here on in it's couples and families. Mike Whelan (yup that's his name) was very patient and he was a joy to speak to. I was inspired to add a little rot green to his undead complexion. I hope you like it.



HemlockMan said...

Sorry you were sick! I've got several friends who got the damnable swine flu.

Nice zombies!!!

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Bob. It was absolutely nasty. I didn't eat or sleep for at least 10 days. Horrible man, horrible.