Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jobs Lost Due to Ending of Greyhound Racing in Massachusetts

This is what I've been reading all morning. My boss even sent me a link to about this. Jobs were lost because the factual word didn't get out strong enough. Massachusetts had some of the most cleanest and regulated tracks in the USA. Greys were seen by a vet before, after and in-between races to assure their health was up to standards. Now that the citizens of Massachusetts have voted to have Grey racing Not-In-My-Back-Yard, then they haven't ended racing, they've just pushed it onto another State. Tracks in other Southern States are filthy and grossly unregulated so what have we done? Sent healthy animals in good conditions to unhealthy and mismanaged conditions. Hurray for us. The idea of Greys not racing was a huge positive, at least that's how the supporters made it appear. They didn't tell you about track conditions. Where did people in this State think the Greys were going to go after racing was banned? Our Rescue group will take in those dogs that are available and that we can handle. How many injured animals will be left behind by breeders, trainers and owners and where will they go? Hopefully into loving, caring homes. In my opinion shame on us for sending our Greys to another State instead of leaving them here, letting them do what they enjoy to and were trained to do under watchful, caring eyes.

Shame on you.

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HemlockMan said...

That sucks!

Sorry to hear this news. Sometimes good intentions lead to bad results.