Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another Passing

Barry Blair was a friend and a fellow duo-tone afficiando. We met in Boston in the 90's at one of the many Cons that we would see each other at. We lost touch when I got out of the business, but re-established our friendship on-line. I heard yesterday from Tom Sniegoski that Barry had passed away due to a brain aneurism. It's sad to see someone as talented as Barry pass from something so silent and hidden. I'll remember the talks we had about art and the insane comic book business.

Barry's Home Page

News From the Beat

Cheers to Barry


HemlockMan said...

Was Barry Blair the guy who did a comic book called SHURIKEN? If so, he would have died quite young!

dogboy443 said...

That's him. Shuriken was a fun book. Barry had a great style mixing manga and his own style. He sold his books over in Japan where a million print one was a disappointment where here it would be a landslide.

HemlockMan said...

I met Barry at least two or three times. He was a very pleasant guy.

Terry said...

Barry's book was SAMURAI. SHURIKEN was by Reggie Byers.

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Terry. We are old after all.