Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thomas Edison Kicks Ass.

Here are pencils to the cover of Silent Scream #1 featuring Thomas Edison looking all heroic in front of the Optimus Effect. That doo-hickey around his waist, on his back and arm is the Optimus. A nifty device for plucking souls from the void and placing them into mechanical machines and retaining their sense of choice. Our pal Max Schreck on the other hand wants to obtain the Optimus to enslave these souls into his war robots and have them do his bidding.



HemlockMan said...

It's hip, man!

Did you ever hear the story of how Thomas Edison once carved fake croutons out of hardwood and would put them in his guests' soups and salads as a practical joke? Twisted, for sure.

dogboy443 said...

I didn't ever hear that. That's a hoot. Edison was a good friends to a very small core, but I've heard he was a real dick to the general public. He and Tesla had quite the colorful history and Tesla shows up in our book.