Friday, October 08, 2010

Drink-n-Draw Massachusetts Style

Phil Owen has done what I've talked about and didn't get done. He's organized and scheduled the first of many Drink-n-Draws this coming Thursday in Northampton, MA at Packards restaurant from 8-11. What is a Drink-n-Draw you ask? Well, you get a bunch of extremely talented artists, throw them in a room at a local watering hole and then draw...and...they...drink. It's a social experiment that Dan Panosian started up while hitting comic book conventions. He contacted some his artist friends and started a D-n-D. It's one of the more famous ones, but I'll bet there are hundreds across the country. So if you find yourself in Noho next Thursday, come on by and check us out. Guaranteed some great art, some laughs and maybe some juggling!


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HemlockMan said...

I'm a member of the Drink and Drink Club.