Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rock-n-Shock Wrap Up

We're back from R-n-S 2010 and it was great. We saw, we conquered, we made money, we ate poorly, but we had fun cracking jokes and wondering why people wear what they were wearing. Oh...and elephant piss. Quite pungent. Seems the circus was held at the DCU Center a week before us and all of the animals were kept in the room we were using. Seems the caretakers of the animals poured buckets of elephant piss down what they thought was a sewer drain. It turned out to be an electrical grate so the piss hung around. We were shocked by the smell when we to set up. It dissipated a bit as the weekend went along, but it was still nasty. Anyway, my daughter joined Mike, Marty and myself and got to meet her dreamy Ghost Hunter. Our pal Jeff A. stopped by and shared some thoughts with us and finished off his Fango collection. I bought some movies, drew a lot of Zombies, including the girlfriend of Akihiro (The Human Centipede) Kitamura and that was very cool. I also got to say hi to Adrienne Barbeau, buy her book and have a picture taken with her. All-in-all, a great weekend.

Until next year!


HemlockMan said...

Looks like the customers kept you busy! I swore off conventions for a long time, but now I'm ready to get back into attending some. Already looking around for some good ones to visit in 2011.

dogboy443 said...

You've got a spot if you're interested in Rock-n-Shock 2011