Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fury Update!

Editor-in-Chief Steve Bissette really liked the Fury piece, but he did want to see a few edits. One was dropping the half-face device popularized by Steve Ditko during his run on Spider-Man in the 1960's. SRB felt it was too much of an homage so I drew in the entire characters face. One idea to hit home that this main character was The Fury-in-training was to have the floating head motiff popularized in the 1970's by such stalwarts as John Buscema and Gil Kane. Able Bill Anderson sent me over some reference and I got to draw the entire Fury mask. But now what to do with the credits circle? Easy! Tack it up on the telephone pole! It was an empty spot so I curved the Fury logo and sketched in the creator credits. Now it's time for Able Bill Anderson to work his ink magic.

1 comment:

HemlockMan said...

Brilliant bit of work! That's why you're a comic book artist and thousands of others just dream about it.

(Myself, I like any homage to Ditko, so I'm sad to see the half-face symbolism go.)