Friday, August 19, 2011

N-Man & The Fury!

Hello and welcome to "Mark finally draws something!" I've been very busy over the past few months designing and promoting the Panel To Panel book you see on earlier posts. Recently I was asked to provide a pin-up for Mike Dobbs' The Fury script. I've known Marvelous Mike for a long time and I was excited to work with him, so here is the splash page for The Fury's Day Off. The Fury ©Stephen R. Bissette. Speaking of Steve, last year saw me pencilling a couple covers and a 5 page N-Man story. Steve graciously offered to ink these pages and now we see the first Masztal/Bissette team-up! I used the pen name Wild Mark Hare after a signature style I used way back in high-school. Steve brought a different light to my tight pencils...and I like it!

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