Friday, February 08, 2008

ODEN, or how I messed with Norse mythology

I've always been a fan of mythology. Greek, Roman, Irish, Welsh, Chinese and Japanese, but what really got me excited was Norse Mythology. Oden/Odin, Thor Loki, Baldur, Hela, Fenris the Wolf, all had a spot in my heart and imagination. A few years ago, Matt Greenia asked me to contribute a story to his Massachusetts comic, Cellar Dwellers. I did a three page story focusing on this eye-patched, mohawk wearing guy who had a thing for hats. He popped up in my dreams and I couldn't get rid of him so I put that story together. Along came the Norse myths and the eye-patch was the trigger to help the character develop and helped me add supporting characters and my re-imagined world of Oden developed.
I've also been a huge fan of Golems. For what they stood for, how they were made, and there are a lot of ways, and also how they have been represented throughout history and film, thank you Paul Wegener. I had to have them in this story, so I present after way too many years and finally colored and re-lettered, the first three pages of a new Oden story. There will be more too come. Enjoy.


curmudgeon said...

Pretty good. I like the eye-patch dude. Make some more.

It's about time you added to this blog, slacker. One would think you were married and had a job, or something.

Eric Talbot said...

Cool to see a art post Mark! More please.

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Eric,

From you that is a huge compliment.


I wouldn't expect no less from you.

Mark Martin said...

Nice pallet etc... I jst FINALLY replied to your last email.

I been bizzy...