Saturday, February 23, 2008


Quite a few years ago I was renting a house with my friend Ken Parker. It was great and we both respected each others privacies and had a lot of fun in Westside. Now here it is a lot of years later, and we're both married to two wonderful women. I have a daughter who's going to turn 12 this year and Ken and his wife Dawn gave birth to Melanie Parker earlier this month. She's a bit early, guess she wanted to come out and play with all of us. I just wanted to welcome her here on Barkings and hope all who read this, think of little Melanie. We've got a lot of time and we're all very patient for her to come join us in front of the big screen TV in her daddy's Man-Town, watching Captain Scarlet and some John Carpenter movies.

Mark & Kathy


Mark Martin said...

Hey, that little girl reminds me of MY wonderful wife! Always pushing pushing pushing to be early - and then making ME wait for HER to get out the door!

Sounds like she's in good hands. But think about showing the poor kid some Neighbor Totoro before you unload the John Carpenter on her!

dogboy443 said...

I'll pass that along to Melanie's Dad.

HemlockMan said...

Welcome tiny child!

My own son was born a month early. He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny! But he grew up into a normal healthy young man.