Sunday, February 17, 2008

Toy Fair, NYC 2008

Toy Fair is held annually in NYC and it's the place for toy manufacturers to show of the greatest and next big successes to the masses. This wil be the first year I'm going, but the 2-3rd year that my JOB will have a booth there so that means free entry forme! It's not a big deal, but ti will be nice to grab my badge and wander along with all of the other men-boys drooling at all of the new geek toys coming out this year. I'm taking the train with my fellow Springfieldian Mike "Mr. Animation" Dobbs. He's a managing editor for a series of local papers and he's got the pulse on the toy industry for New England. I think we're both looking forward to it and I hope to have some awesome photos of the toys coming out this next year, I personally want a shot of Hasbro's Cloverfield vinyl figure. We're also looking forward to hitting a few book stores and meeting with Mike's friend, movie director/producer, Richard Gordon., Fiend Without A Face being one of my all-time favorites of his! So stay tuned and look for a Toy Fair re-cap later this week.


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HemlockMan said...

What??!! You're going to meet the producer of FIEND WITHOUT A FACE?! How cool is that?! One of my all-time favorite movies. Absolutely perfect film in every way. It's the only film of that nature that I place in my top ten favorite films. And I love the shower scene. Thank Jove for slow-mo!