Sunday, November 16, 2008

Because Jeff V. Asked

I've been gone for a bit, between work, 2 weeks of the flu and my wife having some surgery. I haven't been doing much drawing, instead I've been catching up on some reading, watching some new and old TV and re-charging my batteries. My old friend Jeff Vella responded to my last post and I felt I had to show a peak at a couple projects I'm working on.



HemlockMan said...

What cartoon show are those first guys from? I recall seeing them on TV just as I was losing interest in Saturday morning fare as a kid.

Sorry to hear about the flu, surgery, and general overwork. Take care of yourselves!

dogboy443 said...

The Herculoids!!!!!!!!
The other is an Ood from the ;latest season of Dr. Who. Incredible design, especially when you find out that their brains are external and they cary them in their hand

HemlockMan said...

The Herculoids, yes. Character designs by Alex Toth? Looks like Toth's stuff. Or did Jack Kirby work on that?

For some reason, while I watched The Herculoids a bit, I remember not being a big fan of it.

dogboy443 said...

That was one of Toth's '70's work along with Space Ghost, Mightor, some design work for Jonny Quest and the SuperFriends. Kirby's deal was Wundaar the Barbarian.