Friday, November 28, 2008

New Artwork

I'm working on a new piece based on Robert D. Forward's cut classic The Owl, so I'll have a scam of the pencils for oyu next week. I also finished pencilling the Ood piece that I previewed earlier. For now though I'm playing fanboy.
I ordered some Guy Davis pages earlier in the month and Guy tells me that the pages are working their way East. I've picked up 2 great BPRD pages and a wonderful all villains page from the Deadline mini-series. I'm also very excited because growing up in the sixties I was exposed to a lot of great comic book talent and one of them was Jack Sparkling and one of my fave comics was Spaceman published by Dell Comics. I snagged a nice page off of ebay from issue 5. That page is paid for and hopefully next week I'll be getting a couple nice packages of artwork.


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Mark Martin said...

Risk is always involved in the pursuit of freedom! The stairway is hastily made!