Friday, November 21, 2008


To celebrate the premiere release of Disney's The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (Dr Syn), created by Russell Thorndyke, I thought I'd post my version of the good Dr. and his 2 thieving cohorts.



HemlockMan said...

Wow! I like that!

I will have to nab a copy of that DVD! At long last, it's available. What took them so damned long?

I only saw that series once--when it very first aired on television when I was a kid. However...I never forgot that amazing mask that McGoohan wore when Dr. Syn became The Scarecrow! Good gosh, those dudes at Disney knew how to create an amazing bit of magic!

Jeff said...

WOW! This is a great piece, Mark. I really like the font you used for the title, "Dr Syn" and the way the words have that glowing effect. (Photoshop, I assume. It's a great tool, Huh?)

Although I've gotta admit, I've never heard of Dr. Syn until I saw it here on this blog. So I looked it up on, and I read that some movies of the same name were made. The first Doctor Syn (1937) and the second Dr Syn Alias Scarecrow (1964). You've definitely given an old image a new modern look.

dogboy443 said...

I'd suggest you both check out Steve Bissette who has done an extensive write up on Dr Syn and the 3 movies that have been released. My take is that the original is a decent movie but poor George Arliss is so frail it's hard to imagine him being of any physical threat. Night Creatures starring Peter Cushing is also a wonderful treatment of the Dr Syn character, however both of these original movies never give us The Scarecrow, just the Disney version.