Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Mine!

There are certain artists that I respect and then there are the artists I highly respect. In this latter list is Steve Bissette, Tom Mandrake, Tim Truman, Mike Zulli, Ryan Sook, Guy Davis and...John Totleben. Well I have original art from most of these artists. The only one missing currently is Tim Truman because I just recently picked up this beauty by John Totleben. It's from Vermillion #8, page 5. The description was alien sucker face...consider it SOLD! after that description.



HemlockMan said...

Nice page. You bought it from Totelben?

I was interested to see that he did Spider-Man some years back. That was interesting to see his take on the character.

dogboy443 said...

I bought it from a dealer in CA. I have no contact information on John...would have loved to have given him the money instead, but to own a great Totleben, heck I'll pay who has the best art and price.