Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silent Scream Pages 4-5

Done. Got all 5 pages finished and I've gone over them with a fine tooth HB lead. They'll be going off to Bill Anderson to work his ink magic and in a month or so we'll be sending the whole package out to prospective publishers.

BTW, for the funnybook challenged few that read this post (Tony), the "X's" I mark are black areas that will be filled solid with ink.

Fingers crossed!


Matt Smith said...

wow, mark!

Matt Smith said...

i wasn't done with my comment--ooops. anyway, man-I wish I could pencil like that.

I hope the inks do it justice!

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Matt. They're pretty tight, but that's how I always pencil, even when I ink myself. I have complete confidence in Bill Anderson when it comes to inking me. It will RAWK!

Mark Martin said...

You been busy! How many hours goes into one of those pages? Approx... ?

dogboy443 said...

The last page, with the alley scene took approx 7 hours. Other pages like #3 took about 4 hours with an impromptu break when I had to photograph my father-in-law for referrence.