Sunday, August 02, 2009

It's Fiendish

Fiend Without A Face. 1950's b-movie classic. I love this film. Over the past couple years, I've met Richard Gordon, who produced this movie. He's a wonderful man and someone I highly respect. Mike Dobbs and I are thinking of attending Rock-n-Shock this Fall and setting-up as guests/vendors. We want to let everyone know about the 50th anniversary of this great movie and I'll be selling this print in 2 versions. One signed by myself and Richard and a less expensive version signed by myself. I'm posting the B&W art and then 2 color version that I gave the Photoshop treatment.



HemlockMan said...

Agh! One of my all-time favorite movies! Not one of my favorite B-movies, but just plain favorite movies.

The plot is pretty spot on perfect. It has no logic holes, at all. Everything fits perfectly. The monsters are pretty much the best I've ever seen. Cheesy? Not really. They did some pretty damned good effects with the budget they were given. The story was just a gem!

From what I understand, the tale from which it was adapted first appeared in WEIRD TALES MAGAZINE and the deal was brokered by the author's agent--none other than Forry Ackerman.

I can't say enough good things about that movie. One thing that a lot of people forget to mention:

Kim Parker was HOT! Smokin' HOT!

dogboy443 said...

KIm Parker was hot and she had that sexy rasp voice. We're hoping to make the show. Richard is already committed to a show in the .K. so I'm hoping we can gather the crew and get a table.