Saturday, August 29, 2009

Red or Rot?

I've finished digitally coloring this ink wash piece and dropped in the title art. I like it! But I'm also torn between going with the red palette or the rot green? What do you think?



HemlockMan said...

I like 'em both. For pure dramatic effect, red is always best. For emotional turns, the green is effective, too.

I'm torn.

Mark Martin said...


I think the dogs "pop" better on the red one.

You can't go wrong with red.

Mark Martin said...

It's an awesome painting by the way!

Tom said...

I like the red better because it does make the dogs "pop" more. I'd be interested in seeing the green one you did.

dogboy443 said...

Thanks guys. Tom, the green one is there below the red. Thanks for looking.

Zane said...

Well, the red is definitely more eye-catching, but the green does have it's merits. However personally the red one would be the one I find the best. :D