Monday, August 17, 2009

The Living End

James Robert Smith blew me away and inspired me with his novel The Flock. If you backtrack a few posts, you'll find cover art I did for a proposed graphic novel or mini-series. Bob has sent me his latest manuscript called The Living End, A Zombie Novel with Dogs. I've read it through twice and it finally hit home, and so did the artwork I was inspired to create for the cover. Bob's idea is to have The Living End published as a novel with spot B&W illustrations. If it happens, he's promised, as much as he can-you know how publishers are, that I'm the guy for the art chores. Before I start doing any B&W illos, I wanted to get reacquainted with zombies. It took a few attempts, the dogs were so easy, so I have this rough concept. I'll start transferring the rough to the nice paper, laying in pencil lines only, no shading. All of the shading will be achieved by grey washes and then I scan it and colorize it using Photoshop. I have an idea of what I want the color palette to be, but it may change.

UPDATED: The ink wash is complete and the art has been scanned. Looking forward to coloring this piece!


HemlockMan said...

Very much looking forward to the color version!

craig rousseau said...

absolutely fantastic... !

dogboy443 said...
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dogboy443 said...

Thanks Craig! WOW! I highly admire your work and this is quite the compliment.