Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Silent Scream Update

Do you remember earlier this year I was all giddy about the new project Silent Scream? Well I'm giddy again because I'm seeing inked pages from Bill Anderson and colored pages from Craig Rippon. Seems the Albany Boyz are catching up to me so I gotta get cracking on the initial issue layouts. Here are some pencils/inks and the first color we've seen from Craig on my original take on a couple of our characters.



HemlockMan said...


The Wizard looks like Thomas Edison. The Gambler looks like Lee Van Cleef.


dogboy443 said...

The Wizard is Edison and the Gambler is Dr. Mabuse from the Fritz Lang movies. He was a Master of Disguise and I didn't even think of Lee Van Cleef until 2 seconds ago. The story also involves actor/wrestler Bull Montana, silent movie cowboy William Hart, French silent actress Musidora, Max Schreck, Dr. Caligari, Fritz Lang, the Maria Robot from Metropolis, Jedidiah (Henry Ford) West, Alistair (Buster Keaton) Fall, Victor (Charlie Chaplin) Hill, and Fatty Arbuckle. We changed the last few names around so as not to upset the families of those more prominent citizens and to also cover our asses if sued. We also have a machine that Edison created that takes lost souls and puts them into robots that have free choice. His team is The Trust. Max Schrecks groups is called The Kabale and they want to enslave the souls into their robots to control them and create a Robot Army.

HemlockMan said...

Well, Hell! That's pretty damned cool.