Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rock-n-Shock Wrap-Up

We love this show! This is my second time attending and my first as a vendor. I went with my two partners Mike Dobbs and Marty Langford. While they were selling DVD's and memorabilia, I went with the idea to sell my art prints and maybe do some sketches. Well after two rockers asked for me to draw them as zombies on Friday night, I then drew two more of their band mates on Friday and then after cobbling together a sign announcing Zombie-fying and a Alive/Dead comparison, I was booked solid drawing folks as zombies from 11-9 on Saturday and 1105 on Sunday. The management team at Crimson, and especially Leah Urbano, are top notch and were extremely helpful and caring to our needs. One thing that was great was that Kevin Barberi from WAAF was doing the PA work and playing soundtrack music all weekend. That made it a creative place to be. As for the 2 tattoo artists, we were set up right next to them and they were buzz-buzzing all weekend and they were both awesome guys. Jamie Cross gifted me a wonderful painting and I'll definately look him up if and when I decide to get inked. I'll be going back again next year so come on by and get Zombie-fied!!!

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